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General Terms

The products and services of Elite Education ( are provided by Guangdong Elite International Education & Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "EliteMBA" or "we"). This Disclaimer Statement(hereinafter referred to as "Disclaimer") applies to EliteMBA website, other applications used on computers, mobile phones/tablets or other devices and other products and services. EliteMBA User (hereinafter referred to as "User") must carefully read these terms and agree to this statement before accepting EliteMBA service.

User who directly or (such as off-site API references, etc.) indirectly uses EliteMBA services and data through various means will be regarded as having unconditionally accepted all the contents involved in this Disclaimer; if user objects any of the terms in this Disclaimer, please stop using all services provided by EliteMBA.

This disclaimer may be amended or changed at any time by EliteMBA. The EliteMBA will announce and updated the effective date. The updated disclaimer will effectively replace the original statement once it is published. By continuing to use EliteMBA service, the user agrees to and accepts this statement and any updated versions thereof.

Article 1

Users may not use EliteMBA to directly or indirectly engage in breaches of EliteMBA services and data (including but not limited to publication, promotion, reprint, browsing, and use of EliteMBA or its users) in various ways. Laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, as well as the behavior of social morality. Users should abide by the following commitments:

1. Content published, reprinted or provided should comply with Chinese laws and regulations and social morality;

2. Cannot interfere with, damage or violate the various legal rights and interests of Elite Education;

3. Shall not interfere with, damage and infringe upon the various legal rights and interests of other EliteMBA users;

4. Compliance with the rules and guidelines, management rules, etc. of Elite Education website and other network related services;

5. Elite Education has the right to remove content that violates the above commitments.

Article 2

1. EliteMBA only provides storage space for content posted by users. EliteMBA does not provide any form of guarantee for the content posted or reprinted by the User: there is no guarantee that the content will meet the requirements of users, and there is no guarantee that the services of EliteMBA will not be interrupted. EliteMBA does not assume any legal responsibility for any reason that the user cannot use the website due to any conditions such as network conditions, communication lines, third-party websites or management requirements.

2. The content published by Elite User (including but not limited to the contents of the current product features of Elite) only indicates their personal position and views, and does not represent the position or opinion of Elite. As the content publisher, it is the responsibility of the content to be published. All the disputes arising from the published content shall be the legal and joint responsibility of the publisher of the content. EliteMBA does not assume any legal and joint responsibility.

3. if the user publishes content suspected of infringing on the intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests of others through EliteMBA, after the relevant parties provide prima facie evidence, EliteMBA has the right to delete it first and retain the right to transfer it to the judicial authorities. Referring to the investigation results of the relevant judicial authorities, EliteMBA has the final decision on the disposal of the content posted on the website.

4. User should inform Elite when he/she discovers any violation of this Service Agreement, the terms of service of any other individual service, and various announcements made by Elite Education.


EliteMBA reserves the rights to interpret, modify and update the Disclaimer.

Effective on Nov 30th, 2018