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Modern Selling

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The goal of this course is for students to have the ability to get hired for a selling position anywhere in the world and under any economic environment. In this modern age, selling is either misunderstood or not understood at all. Even though the latest technology is at its disposal, nothing happens in today's business until a sale takes place. The sales department is not the whole company; yet the whole company is in the selling department. So it is vital that staff members at all levels understand this process.

The course of Modern Selling gives a tip of the hat to the old school masters of selling and their gems of wisdom. At the same time, it examines the distinctions of what techniques of the past that are no longer effective. Modern Selling examines the critical function of salesmanship; yet does so with a smile wrapped around it.

Today's modern student is comfortable with fast-paced learning and employing short sound bites and rapid edits. Their world is made up of entertaining video assets. Their online training must match this style and tempo. Modern selling does it. Because of these classroom techniques, both "student engagement" and "information retention" soar!

Come join us on an adventure of epic importance. An adventure that delves deeply into seven levels of selling in the modern age:
  • Fishing for prospects;
  • Connecting by making a friend;
  • Employing the seven magical questions to uncover needs;
  • Presenting a well-crafted elevator pitch;
  • Accessing a deep database to pinpoint the solution and using showmanship to present your fix to their problem;
  • Strategically negotiating their objections and resistance;
  • The big prize, closing the deal by garnering their commitment.

Seven levels of selling that evolves like the video game; yet with the often-missing element of human touch. Professor Tim was awarded back-to-back American Emmy Awards for the power of his creative writing and video producing. The biggest reason for low performance in selling is a fear of selling based on a misunderstanding of all that modern selling requires.

The future is fluid. When you change your view of selling, you change the future. Professor Tim is an educator who takes his topic of selling very seriously, but not for himself. So please, come to learn with us, and your life will never be the same.

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