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Successful Entrepreneurship

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Successful entrepreneurs – leaders who are followed by loyal employees, pursued by investors, admired by many, encouraged by governments – have achieved new status as respected role models, some even as heroes. All that and meaningful prospects in financial success, sometimes wealth beyond most people's dreams.

As an outsider looking into the world of entrepreneurship, the challenge may seem daunting or even overwhelming. If you stay outside, that won't change. That's why I'm offering to be your guide, to go inside.

Come join me in this wonderful journey, and I can help you make your time and effort more efficient and more productive, improve your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

In this course, you will learn:
  • the underpinnings of entrepreneurship, what has worked and what has not;
  • how to do what is needed to get started, to reinvent and innovate, and even how to develop the elements of business visions;
  • the process of raising funds and dealing with investors, before and after funding;
  • how to attract and retain key people, and when appropriate to replace key people.
The course also includes one topic on:
  • doing the right thing. Being honest and fair is not at all contradictory to being successful. In fact, good business behavior can facilitate success.
In this course, you will also hear:
  • a lot of real stories of successful American entrepreneurs. I have writen and published three books that were translated into eight languages. They contain hundreds of stories of successful entrepreneurs, including Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbbucks; Frederick Waddell, the CEO and Chairman of The Northern Trust Company; Fred Smith, the founder and CEO of FedEx; Ken Keverian, the senior V.P. of Corporate Strategy of IBM and Kay Koplovitz, the founder of USA Network, etc.

While your goal may be to make a fortune or just to earn a good living, you really must have more precise goals. Such a goal may be as simple as "being your own boss", but for many entrepreneurs, there will always be "bosses", because good governance demands advisers, and capital usually necessitates yielding some influence and diluting what would have been your absolute control.

This course is patterned after the "Successful Entrepreneurship" course I created and taught at Kellogg. That class was continually oversubscribed. Students were excited to hear and learn from the stories of great American entrepreneurs, such as the founders of Starbucks, Costco, Staples and many more.

Some people say, there are more important pursuits, such as, curing cancer or other diseases, helping poor people, and improving education. Of course, those are important, but those pursuits are often achieved, supported and funded by successful entrepreneurs.

Begin your journey today.

Be a hero to the society, your families and friends.

And remember, on an important journey, making quick time is secondary to knowing where you are at and what paths to take to get to the right destination.

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