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克拉克·罗斯 罗伯特·格雷厄姆 亚瑟·雷蒙德 希亚姆·古里·苏雷什 伊利亚·卡克皮尔 丹尼斯·阿普尔亚德 乔恩·纳什

Learn key concepts and Macroeconomics material, including many of the same high school teachers and college faculty who helped design the AP curriculum in partnership with the College Board.

Each module will cover a major concept in the Macroeconomics course, based on Advanced Placement® standards.

All topics are broken into bite-sized pieces—with short instructional videos, interactive graphs, and practice problems.

Throughout the 18 core modules, you will also find more than 30 short videos. Each one is placed at a critical juncture – ensuring you don’t miss important ideas, definitions and concepts.

Topics include:

1. Basic Macroeconomics Concepts
2. Supply & Demand
3. Measures of Economic Performance
4. Nominal & Real Values
5. Classical & Keynesian Models
6. Aggregate Demand
7. Aggregate Supply
8. Short-Run Macroeconomic Equilibrium
9. Moving to Long-Run Equilibrium
10. Economic Growth
11. Fiscal Policy
12. Money & the Money Market
13. Money Creation
14. Monetary Policy
15. Loanable Funds
16. Phillips Curve
17. Comparative Advantage & Trade
18. Foreign Exchange Markets

In this course, you'll:
  • Master the basics of Macroeconomics curriculum
  • Build confidence in the material as you learn key concepts from experienced Macroeconomics teachers
  • Build graphical intuition through interactive graphing
  • Do practice for your own AP exam with graded questions (with explanations)
Special note:
  • The video content of this course is from AP® Macroeconomics. The exercises are technically improved and are now non-AP® versions.To view the original AP® courses and exercises, please go to Davidson College website for more information.
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